Electrolux design lab finalist.. fail or win?

Call me old fashioned but isn’t half the joy of cooking the taste and the aromas while preparing the meal… removing those senses in favour of a visual virtual reality just doesnt sound that great to me.


Rotating Skyscraper set to be built in Dubai

Jaw dropping architecture!!

Reece Bathroom Innovation Awards 2011

Turbine 151, Studio 3, has been commisioned to enter a design competition of their choice. The competition i have chosen to enter is the Reece Bathroom Innovation Awards 2011.

Design Brief?

Here is the brief from the Reece website stating what is required: 

What is required?

Submit an original design for one of the following products: Bathroom furniture (eg vanity unit), Toilet, Basin, Mixer, 3 piece Tapware, Shower, Bath or Accessory Range. You’ll need to provide a complete set of drawings (including 2D and 3D modelling) and a brief supporting design statement. This competition is open to design students and proffesionals within Australia.

Here are some past finalists that caught my attention:

This is the Orbis Shower Module designed by Hugh Thomas. The shower offers a 180 degree water spray which can be customized to suit the user. The Orbis Shower Module also features multi colour led lighting that can be configured by the user as task or mood lighting.


This is the Lavinia basin design by my classmate Dallas Winspear. The Lavinia features a recessed plugging mechanism which seamlessly seals the the sink closed eleminating the need to get your hands wet to drain the sink. If you like this design and wish to see more of Dallas’s work there is a link to his blog in my blogroll.

http://www.bathroominnovation.com.au/ <<< this is the link to the Reece Bathroom Innovation Awards website where you can view more competition details and look at some more past winners and finalists. Over the next week i will start posting some early solidworks designs of the tap concept i have chosen to enter in this years competition.